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26 Super Cute Baby Names (that aren't overused!)

Finding the perfect baby name can be so fun. And hard. And time consuming. When I was pregnant with both my kids Hubby and I would have short lists, which lead to hours of debate. Then the short list would change (again, and again!). 

And then finally, I'd take a moment to clear my brain and the name would just come to me. And I knew it was right for my baby. I don't think that would have happened though without the short listing. 

So, I've gathering some short lists for you. I even categorised them so you can narrow down your focus. Good luck!


If you're free-spirited parents, or maybe you get a sense your baby will have a free spirit, you might go for a boho inspired names. Often boho names have super traditional roots but give a sense that the owner doesn't beat to a mainstream drum.

Archer Poppy
Dusk Ziggy
Milo Eden



If you're inspired by the urban, chic life then a modern name might be just right for your baby. Imagine bub cruising to cafes and checking out museums. Modern names are often drawn from objects, places and even brands but always sound effortless and luxurious.

Haven Marshal
Lexus Xander
Zahara Jareth



Befitting little princes and princesses everywhere are the classic names. These names are straight forward, well known and are often drawn from religious backgrounds. If you don't want people pondering how to spell your baby's name, this list is for you.

Anne George
Isabel Arthur
Julia Jonah



Do you imagine your baby growing up to be a musician, entrepreneur or artist? Then, your little will stand out from the crowd with one of these names. These names aren't about having strong history, they're about being individual.

Amara Ace
Enya Barker
Gypsy Dirk




If you aren't into labelling or tradition, then maybe a unisex name is for you. On a personal note, our first born is named Remy. It's a traditional French boys name that is more recently being used as a unisex name. And that's worked out great for Rem, because he identifies with both masculine and feminine qualities. So, sometimes it's great to have a name that lets the child feel free to be whoever they want. 

Finley Micah
Rory Aspen
Taylor River


Much love,