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5 Tips to Enjoy Beach Days When Baby Arrives

The suns out. It’s a perfect beach day. You and your partner look at each and give the "let's go" look. You quickly get excited. But then, then just as quickly you realise it's not quite that easy now. Because now you have a gorgeous squishy baby. The beach still sounds fun, but there’s so much more to think about. What do we pack? Will bub like it? How will we feed on the beach? What about nappy changes?

It’s okay mama. I’ve got your back. You can still enjoy the beach. It will just look a little different now. Here are my top tips for enjoying the beach life when you have a new baby.

  1. Less spontaneity and more planning. I know that doesn’t sounds as fun but it’s definitely required. A little planning will mean that you're not panicking. You don’t need to plan a week out but it does help to chat about what time of day works in with your baby and which beach will work best (think about changing facilities and shade options).
  2. Be ready. Have what you need on hand so when the weather strikes, you’re ready to go. It helps to have swim nappies, rashies, shade options and sunscreen.
  3. Avoid wind. Do a bit of wind check before you go... because wind and sand do not make for a happy baby!!!
  4. Check your products are baby safe. Not all sunscreens, insect repellent or moisturisers are safe for babies. Check the label and if yours aren’t safe, check out some other options. My favourites are (Links)
  5. Make sure you think about yourself too! It’s so easy to worry about your baby having everything they need and then forget about yourself. This is where I shamelessly remind you that Mother & Sun beachwear will keep you comfortable, protected from the sun and stylish.

I also created an amazing guide for taking baby to the beach. There's packing tips, tricks of the trade and a packing checklist! It's also free.

Click here to get your hands on it.

Much love