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How to Throw a Kids Birthday Party at Home

My little one is turning 2 next week and so obviously I'm in party planning mode. Most of my kids' parties have been at home so now it's a simple process. But, if you're not a natural party planner the idea of having your child's next birthday party at home might be a frightening and overwhelming thought. Especially if you've been to other parties that make the simple backyard gathering look like a carnival's stopped by to perform their greatest ever act. 

So to make the at-home party planning simple and stress-free I've broken it down into 3 easy steps. And make sure you read until the end to see my bonus COVID-19 lockdown party planning tips. 

Step 1: Take the pressure off

I've been in the mum circuit for 7 years now I've seen my fair share of party envy with parents "one-upping" each other all year long. Heaven help the parents with November born kids because all the "good ideas" have been done. 

When my oldest child was turn 6 I was in the midst of severe pregnancy sickness and I simply couldn't manage anything elaborate or fancy for a party, even with all the help in the world. So, his friends arrived, we did "make your own pizzas" which Hubby cooked on the BBQ and they played in the backyard. My son loved it, the other parents loved the low key approach and I didn't have to plan anything except some food and a cake. The lesson here: keep it simple.


Childrens party at home

Step 2: Focus on One Thing

Party planning gets overwhelming when there are lots of ideas to organise. Pick a theme and one focus point, then let the rest flow. Last year my son's party was craft theme. We set up 2 tables with craft activities, let the kids know about it and then let them choose when they did them. After that it was a matter of bringing out the cake, opening presents and voila! Party done. 

Step 3: Decide on numbers early

Have a think about the space you have, what you and your child can manage and then pick a number of guests. This can change for year to year. One year my son had been having a tough time so he had 2 of his closest friends and I bought them each a costume so they could play for hours. Another year he was able to pick 8 friends. 

Now, if you're reading this mid-lockdown then you might also be having to plan a party with zero extra people attending. We're in the same boat for Mr soon-to-be-two. It sucks! But, having a party with just immediate family can be fun. And if you want them to feel the love from family and friends here 3 bonus things you can do to make it extra special:

1. Create a virtual party. Create an online event for family and friends to join virtually so they can all share their love and adoration for your child. 

2. Get a birthday card circulated throughout friends and family so all the birthday wishes are in one place.

3. Get friends and family to record a birthday message and create a video for your little one. This would also make for a beautiful momento to keep. 

Happy birthday to your little one!

Much love,