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How to Feel Beach (Body) Confident After Baby

It doesn't matter if it's your first or third baby (or eighth, and if so- go mama!), your body will change. That fact can cause so much anxiety, concern, and pressure for new mamas. I get it. I've been there. It is possible though to put on a swimsuit and feel good.

Disclaimer: if you came across this blog looking for postpartum workouts or a diet to lose your 'baby body' then I'm sorry, I can't offer that. Because there is nothing wrong with you.

But I am here to help. 

The following tips can support you to love the body you have (if you're thinking 'eek!' then bear with me) so that you can enjoy family beach days, swimming lessons with your kids and that vacation that's been booked for ages. 

1. Repeat after me, "My body is a miracle"

That's right my lovely, your body is a freaking miracle. You have grown a human with that body then exited that human from your body. Your organs moved, you grew a new organ (the placenta), and you have the ability to feed that human with your body (yes, I know breastfeeding is a complicated topic, which I'll chat about another day). So if your body doesn't look identical to the 20 something you (or the 20 something sitting next to you), then that is understandable, don't you think? 

2. Focus on strengths

There's this whole practice in counselling (my background by the way) called Strength Based Practice. It's a really important movement because it supports people to focus on strengths and not limitations. According to this practice, we all have internal and external strengths plus resources to help us through challenging times. This works really well when we're talking about body image and feelings of pressure. So, instead of looking at the differences in your body as a limitation, ask yourself what strengths you have or what strengths this change gives you. For me, my changing body gave me compassion and an opportunity to learn self love.

How to feel beach confident after baby

3. Surround yourself with those that see your beauty.

No, I don't mean that everyone is supposed to shower you with complements 24/7. But there are people that point out our 'flaws' and those who see your beauty. If someone who's in the 'tear you down' camp wants to hang out at the beach with you and you're feeling a little vulnerable, it's totally okay to say no. 

The other way I can support you is to provide some cute AF swimmers that fits that gorgeous mama body of yours so well you'll feel comfortable, and beautiful. 

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Much love,