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The Mother and Sun Life

Welcome to the Mother & Sun blog. This is a place where I can share information, support and inspiration for all things to do with #themotherandsunlife.

What is the Mother & Sun Life?

It’s knowing that being in nature fulfils you, and so you immerse yourself in that, even through the stages of motherhood. It’s being a water baby and wanting to pass this on to your children. It’s loving adventures and remembering that part of you after you become a mother.

Motherhood doesn’t start when we give birth, or the moment we hold our child for the first time. For most of us, motherhood, feeling those motherly feels, happens the moment we realise we’re going to be a parent- whether that’s a pregnancy test, the call to say the adoption is happening or however it happens for you. That moment is life changing and unforgettable. Sadly though, for many of us, that moment also means that we put away a side of ourselves to focus on our child. The Mother & Sun life is about remembering that your soul matters too, and it needs to be nurtured as well.

Where did it start?

The vehicle we use to help you in building or maintaining #themotherandsunlife is by providing you with gorgeous swimwear to flatter that bump and protect your skin. The idea for this came about when I was pregnant with wild child number 2, which was about 2 years after having a Stage 1 Melanoma removed my my back. The second pregnancy was rough. I had Hypermesis. Each day was a mental battle to get on with things. I managed it by focusing on what helped my mind feel calm. Meditation and mindfulness were invaluable. And so was paddle boarding. Just knowing that I had a SUP outing planned helped me to get through a few more days. I realise that sounds dramatic. But illness has a way of wearing on you.

The problem I faced was having access to maternity swimwear that also met the need for sun protection. There were NO rashies for pregnant women. Seriously?! So crazy. So I made my own. And then I enjoyed the beach, filled my soul with all that goodness and got through what otherwise would have been an unbearable pregnancy.

Even without HG, pregnancy can feel draining. Motherhood is also draining. As much as it’s a beautiful experience and with couldn’t love our kids more, our minds are frequently overwhelmed with to-do lists, responsibilities and mothers guilt. That’s why remembering you and what brings you joy is so important.

So, for the mamas out there that feel joy from nature, water, and adventures I welcome you to the Mother & Sun Life.

Much love,



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