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Our Story

Our Story

Hi there. I'm Rach. And the good looking guy with me (aka hubby) is Ben. Together we started Mother and Sun. It all started when I was pregnant with babe number two. I was sick. Like, really sick. So I found myself putting a big focus on doing the things that bring me joy. One of the big ones was stand up paddle boarding. 

We had the board, the roof racks and all the accessories. All I needed was some swimwear that fit my growing belly and provided sun protection. This is where I should mention that a couple of years earlier at the age of 31 I had a Melanoma removed from my back. 

And this is where the problem came. Maternity swimwear options were super limited and the designs were a little sad if I'm honest. Then I discovered that there were ZERO rash vests for pregnant women in Australia (and only one or two in the whole world). Crazy, huh! 

I was pretty determined to get out on my board, so I pulled on the sewing and drafting skills that my mum taught growing up and I made my own rash vest. 

I can tell you, getting on that board felt glorious. Maybe a little rockier than usual, but still glorious. 

At this point I realised that the problem wasn't just about a lack of swimwear or sun protection. The problem was that women should be able to do what brings them joy, especially when they are pregnant. And something as simple as swimwear shouldn't be the thing that stops them.

That's why Mother and Sun was developed.

Look, I'll be honest. The path to launching hasn't always been easy. Our rash vests are practically unheard of, which made finding willing partners to manufacture them a challenge. We've also been annoyingly firm on our values of sustainability and quality,

It's all been so worth it. Because now you, my lovely mama, can continue your adventures and seek our the sea air through your pregnancy and with your bub without having to worry about a pesky issue like swimwear. 

Much love,