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How to Make Easy Japanese Ramen at Home

Our kids love Sushi Train. And let's be honest, so do us grown-ups. The favourite is Crispy Chicken Udon with Curry based broth. So, when I was looking for a fun way to get the kids to eat more variety I created my copy cat version at home. 

It turns out it's easy, quick and a huge hit! 

Make your own ramen at home!

It's also a really great meal for pregnancy. It's low efforts, has heaps of nutrients plus it can be adjusted to fit with pregnancy related issues, such as Gestational Diabetes, sensitive smell, and nausea. Win win!

I couldn't just keep the recipe to myself so I recorded it here and made an IGTV out of it. Click here to see it. Don't forget to follow Mother and Sun while you're there to see new IGTV's as they get released. 

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