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Why and how we rescued fabric: A sustainability story

When I started Mother and Sun, the first thing I insisted on was that the business was to be sustainable and ethical. My reason was pretty straight forward. If I am going to have a business where I'd be influencing others in their buying choices, then I needed to do so in a way that didn't impact negatively on the world. 

In other words, I'm a good person (and humble lol).

For me, sustainability starts with the product itself. And so I went on a research journey to find out what's happening in textiles and how we can reduce our footprint on Mother Earth. 

Fabric technology has come a long way. 

Recycled fabrics are becoming the next buzz word in fashion. And yes, when you do your research into sustainability some would point out the downfalls. However, we cannot deny that recycled lycra is changing the way we manage waste. In 2018 Carvico (the creator of one of our fabrics) collected 78 tonnes of waste and turned it into fabric. Come on, that's pretty incredible! What they also did however, was create a manufacturing process that saves 900 000 kwh of electricity per year, massive amounts of water plus reduces emissions and waste. 

The best part is that this fabric is next level amazing. It feels beautiful, it has a UPF 50+ rating, it's anti-pilling (read: doesn't graze on the side of the pool!). Like, could you ask for more? 

So, step one was to use a fabulous material. Done. 

But just to say that we use this fabric, didn't seem like enough. I'd heard about all the fabric that's purchased by large companies and how so much of it ends up in landfill because they don't need it all for production. It seemed crazy. Companies go to the effort to access this gorgeous fabric, and then dump it. 

recycled fashion

Here is what we did. We spoke to our factory (a gorgeous little one in China. Read about it more here) and we asked them to let us know what left over fabric they had. Turns out it was a decent amount. I picked my favourite colour (olive green is just beautiful) and then I got our print designed to compliment it. 

So, step two, we rescued a sad little roll of fabric, destined for the dump, and created our swimwear line.

So now I have this swimwear line that I am so damn proud of. I'm proud because I haven't just claimed sustainability as a title because I chose the fabric that was labelled recycled. I'm proud because I made choices that made an actual impact on this earth. I can tell my kids about the process and show them how they too can make a positive impact. And when you wear this swimwear it will feel so good on your body and you can truly feel good that you've made an impact on keeping the beauty in this world. 

How good is that?

Making these choices hasn't meant for an easy process. But it has been seriously worth it. 

Much love,


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