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Ethical Choices

Small scale production helps our swimwear become more sustainable.


We couldn't create a business if it meant we were creating harm. So we've carefully crafted a business model based on sustainability and the ethical treatment of people. Basically, we care. 

Eco-Luxe Fabric

It's buttery soft yet super durable. So durable that you won't get those nicks on the bum of your bikini bottom when you sit on the edge of the pool. But here's the cherry on top... all of our swimwear fabric is made from recycled plastic. Thank you technology! 

Now let's chat about fabric wastage. In the manufacturing process it's really common for hundreds of metres of fabric to be thrown away if it's not all used in an order. This is known as dead stock. At Mother and Sun we don't like wastage so we're using dead stock to create limited edition collections. Fancy!

Guilt Free Shipping

We're reduced the amount of plastic bags that our products are placed in on the transit from the factory to the warehouse. And, we're committed to eliminating plastic all together. 

And then when you buy your gorgeous swimwear it will arrive in a compostable bag. Brilliant, right?!

People Matter Too

It's not just our Earth impact that we care about, it's people too. We've partnered with a factory that is committed to treating their employees well. Like, the factory is a little out of way so they have company cars that get their workers to work and back. We've personally visited the factory too. So we know they do what they say. Go them!

Mother and Sun's ethical production in China